Around the table with Willem Ruiterman

How to bridge the ravine

For conflictual solving in work and B2B environment

Willem Ruiterman


With extensive experience as an entrepreneur and pilot, Willem Ruiterman is an MfN registered mediator with the right baggage to assist you in your conflict resolution.

Speak directly to each other without using me or us.
Are you in a conflict with your colleague, (business) partner, team, partnership, board or works council? And you can no longer solve that together? And are you willing to enter into discussions together and explore solutions? Then it is effective and efficient to use mediation.

Thinking out of the box in a neutral and inspiring environment. This is possible on board the BylgjaAn ideal place to work on solutions in small groups up to 6 people.

Time to act!

All too easily, conflicts drag on until resolution seems impossible. Take that step into your new future now and contact me. 


The solution starts with a commitment to do something about it.


In mediation you try to find a solution together with the other party (ies) under the guidance of a mediator. The mediator ensures that you can tell what is bothering you, that you can hear each other again and come together.

Everyone's needs, concerns and wishes come to the table and are carefully coordinated with respect for each other.