I would be happy to work with you as parties to prepare the navigation plan for a promising outcome of the mediation.

Respect, trust and commitment are important elements in search for solutions.

The deeper the ravine, the more beautiful the bridge!

Who is Willem

I am an entrepreneur, pilot, sailor and MfN registered mediator. I am involved in disputes, mediation, negotiation and advising on (commercial) agreements. As a mediator I am available to be deployed in conflicts within healthcare, government and business organizations.

Ik begon mijn carrière in retail met diverse eigen winkels, verkocht mijn onderneming en switchte naar het vak van assurantieadviseur en financieel planner. Verkocht vervolgens opnieuw mijn bedrijf en werd piloot. Ik begon op B747-400 en was later captain op B737 300-900 en B787. Ik heb ervaring in meerdere bestuursfuncties. Naast de opleiding tot piloot ben ik geschoold in het assurantievak en financiële planning, management, zeilvaart, en mediation.

Navigating and out of the box thinking within procedural environments are in my blood. After having gained a vast intercultural experience, I started to become proficient in mediation. I feel like a fish in the water when guiding mediation processes.

Please contact me for a full CV.